Asset Delivery Best Practices

Quiver prefers to receive digital files uploaded to the site.

If uploading assets:

- Quiver recommends using Chrome or Firefox for uploading assets. Quiver does not support Safari for PC. Quiver does support Safari for Mac. 

- Closing this page will pause the file upload.

- If an upload is interrupted, select the file again and the upload will resume from where it left off.

- If an upload gets stuck in a loop between calculating upload status and uploading the file, refresh the page and restart the upload. The upload will restart from where it left off.

- To increase upload speeds, plug your computer directly into a router instead of uploading over wi-fi. Click here to calculate an estimated upload time for your file.

- Quiver does not recommend uploading files from an external hard drive.

- Update your computer's sleep settings to prevent the upload from being interrupted.

- Check your upload's progress periodically, as some ISPs may cause issues when uploading files.

If shipping assets:

- Quiver accepts tapes or external hard drives like this.

- Quiver will return hard drives that include a prepaid return envelope.

- Include a tracking number when selecting 'I'm Shipping It'. Do not enter placeholder information.

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