Step 8: Payment Information

The platform now asks for the payment agreed upon in Creating an Order: Step 5.

Fill in your credit card information and click .

Please Note: Credit card information entered here will be saved for the next order created. When a second order is created, the platform will auto-populate the last-used credit card’s information. The platform will, however, ask to verify the card’s CVV.

To use a new credit card, click .


After creating an order, an email will be sent to the account holder with an invoice summary of the order.


Congratulations! Your order has been created. This does not mean that the order has been submitted for review and fulfillment. There are still two more steps in the order placement process to complete (see articles Metadata and Files).

This order will now appear on the platform's home page. All sections of the order placement process can now be viewed and accessed from the home page. For more information, click here.

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