Submit to Quiver

On the home page, if the only action item in My Action Items is Submit to Quiver and all steps in the Order Status section are marked , then the order is ready to submit.

If there are any additional actions listed in the My Action Items section, or if any step in the Order Status section is marked with a  red flag, the order is not ready to be submitted.

If all sections have been completed, click .

A window will appear explaining what happens after an order has been submitted.

After reading all text and clicking , the Submit to Quiver button’s text will change to Quiver Status – In Progress.

Please note: After submitting an order, you will be unable to make any changes to the order through the platform.

To update any information after submitting an order, click the Questions? Contact Support button on the right side of the page to request permission to make changes to the order.

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