Upload Files

To upload files, go to the home page and click .

There are two ways to deliver files: Upload and Ship. We’ll go over how to upload files here. To see how to ship files instead, click here.

First, click .

Click  to search for the file locally.

Remaining Time Calculator will now appear in the file's line item.

Please Note: Once a file has been chosen, the file will begin to upload to the platform. Leaving this page before the upload completes will pause the upload. If an upload is interrupted, navigate back to this page and the upload will commence from where it left off.

To manually pause an upload, click  next to the uploading file.

If Upload File was selected for a file by mistake, or if the wrong file was upload, click the  next to the line item and the line item will revert back to its default state.




Hover over the  icon next to any field to display a window with definitions, explanations, or suggested actions (Protips).

To include special instructions for any file, type a message in the Special Instructions box. This could include a return address for drives or explanations about a file.

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