Renewal Fee - Can I opt out?

Every order includes a contract with an automatic annual renewal fee of $75. This renewal fee kicks in two years after an order has been submitted to Quiver for fulfillment and delivery. To view the contract for an order, click the  button on the home page.

After the screen refreshes, download a copy of the order's contract by clicking the  button.

Question: What does the renewal fee cover?

Answer: The renewal fee covers all of Quiver's yearly costs to disburse revenue for your film or TV series. Without the renewal fee, Quiver will remove an order's title from every storefront on which it is currently being offered.

Question: I only have a 2-year contact with Netflix. Should I pay the renewal fee?

Answer: The renewal fees do not cover Netflix. Since it's a negotiated deal, Quiver will have to re-negotiate on your behalf. Because of this, the Netflix retailer will need to be ordered again on the Quiver platform.

Question: Can I opt out of the renewal fee?

Answer: Yes, but only if you contact Quiver support within the first two years of a title being ordered on the Quiver platform. After two years, Quiver will automatically bill for the renewal fee.

Question: What happens if I opt out?

Answer: If you opt out of the annual renewal fee, your title will be pulled from any storefronts that were ordered. Customers will then no longer be able to rent/purchase your title.

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