What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a membership that Amazon offers to customers with many perks, including free streaming of certain titles on their storefront.

Question: What happens if I offer my film on Prime?

Answer: A customer who does not have an Amazon Prime membership must pay to rent titles on the Amazon Video storefront. If you offer your film for rental (VOD), then customers must pay a certain fee to rent your title for 48 hours. If you also offer your film for Amazon Prime, then customers who have an Amazon Prime membership can stream your title for free on the Amazon Video storefront.

Question: Can I offer my title for sale, rental, and Prime?

Answer: Yes! You can offer your title on Amazon Prime and still offer your title for rental (VOD) to non-Prime customers and sales (EST) to all customers.

Question: Is Prime available in all territories?

Answer: No. Only some territory storefronts offer Prime. For a current list of territories, contact Quiver support.

Question: How much will I make from Amazon Prime? 

Answer: You will earn $00.10 for every stream over 6 minutes long.

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