What Are Curated Retailers?

The Quiver platform currently supports deliveries to 10 Curated Retailers: Comcast Xfinity, DirecTVDishHoopla, InDemand, MicrosoftNetflixSony EntertainmentVubiquity, and Vudu.


Unlike Open Retailers, which accept any title as long as the title’s files and content meet the retailers' specifications, Curated Retailers are looking for specific types of content to sell, rent, or stream on their storefronts. In order to deliver a title to a curated retailer, the title must first be vetted by Quiver and then pitched to the retailer.

When a Curated Retailer is added to an order for the first time, the platform will charge $150 per curated retailer. This fee includes the creation and presentation of a pitch to the retailers requested in the order.

Please Note: The pitch fee does not include file and metadata delivery to the curated retailers. If a title has been approved by a curated retailer for delivery, Quiver will reach out to you about creating a 2nd order to deliver the files and metadata for a title to a curated retailer. Extra fees will apply.

For more information about how to include pitches for Curated Retailers in an order, click here.

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