Adding Pitches to an Order

Pitches for curated retailers can be added to an order in Creating an Order: Step 2.

To select a retailer, click on that retailer's icon. Retailers not selected will remain greyed out. Greyed out retailers will not be included in the order.


Clicking a Curated Retailer's icon opens a new window on-screen with a brief explanation about what content the retailer is looking for in content. To include the pitch for a curated retailer in the order, click .

Choosing No Thanks removes the Curated Retailer from the order. After clicking , the Pitch Retailer's icon will remain greyed out.


When finished, click .

Please Note: A pitch does not include file and metadata delivery to the curated retailers. If a title has been approved by a curated retailer for delivery, Quiver will reach out to you about creating a 2nd order to deliver the files and metadata for a title to a curated retailer. Extra fees will apply.

For more information about how to deliver files and metadata to an approved curated retailer, click here.

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