Step 2: Choose Retailers

The retailers displayed in this step accept the languages selected in Step 1.


There may be additional retailers that Quiver supports that are not listed here because they require additional languages that have not been included in the order.

To include additional languages in an order, return to Step 1 and add the additional languages.

For a complete list of retailer language requirements, click here.


There are two types of retailers: Open and Curated.

Open Retailers accept any title as long as the files associated with that title meet the retailer's specifications. There aren’t any limits to how many of these retailers can be added to an order.


Curated Retailers have the right to refuse any title. In order to deliver a title to a retailer, the title must first be pitched to and vetted by Quiver and the retailer. For more information about the curated retailer ordering process, click here.


To select a retailer, click on that retailer's icon. Retailers not selected will remain grayed out. Grayed out retailers will not be included in the order.


Clicking a curated retailer's icon opens a new window on-screen with a brief explanation about what the retailer is looking for in content.

To include a pitch for a curated retailer in the order, click .

Please Note: Clicking on a curated retailer in an order does not guarantee that the title can be delivered to the curated retailer. If a title has been approved by a curated retailer, a new order will need to be created for Quiver to deliver the title to that retailer. For more information about the curated retailer order placement process, click here.

Hover over the  icon next to any field to display a window with definitions, explanations, or suggested actions (Protips).

For more information about any of these fields, click here for the glossary.

When finished, click .

Click here to learn about Step 3 of the order creation process.

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