Step 3: Choose Territories

Based on the languages selected in Step 1, Quiver will automatically select all territories with language requirements that match the languages included in the order.

To add additional languages, click here above the list of continents.

The Select Languages field will re-appear. Enter the additional desired languages and click .

The new languages, as well as any territories with those language requirements, will be added to the order.


The number of territories selected for each continent is displayed to the right of each continent's name.

To view territories within each continent section, click on the arrow next to the continent.

To view and make changes to any territory, click on the arrow next to the territory.


An expanded menu will display the information required for that territory. This includes Sales (EST) and Rental (VOD) information as well as the retailers chosen in Creating an Order Step 2 available in that territory.

By default, Quiver selects Sales (EST), Rental (VOD), and all retailers.


To [un]select Sales (EST) and/or Rental (VOD), click the box next to that option.


Please Note: At least one Sales Model (EST or VOD) and one retailer are required for each selected territory.

Hover over the  icon next to any field to display a window with definitions, explanations, or suggested actions (Protips).


For more information about any of these fields, click here for the glossary.

Each territory’s selected Sales Models and Retailers are listed next to the territory, even when the territory’s menu is collapsed.

To include/remove a territory from an order, (un)select that territory.


Some territories require official ratings or additional localized assets. These territories will not be auto-selected by the platform. These territories are denoted by a .

To see additional requirements for a territory, hover over the  next to that territory.

If the title meets these additional requirements, select the territory to add it to the order.

A pop-up window will appear, verifying that the title meets the additional requirements. If the title meets the requirements, click . Otherwise, click .

If clicked, then the territory and any additional required languages will be added to the order.


Each territory has a minimum storefront language requirement. This means that in order to sell a title in a territory, an order must include a language file that matches the territory's required storefront language.


To include additional language files for a certain territory in an order, e.g. Spanish subtitles for the United States, click on the territory's Additional Languages field.


The optional languages displayed in this field are unique to each territory. Languages not displayed in the drop-down cannot be made available in that territory.


Some retailers offer or require worldwide distribution. These retailers are:

  • Steam - Worldwide digital distribution rights required

If Steam is added to an order, a territory called "World Wide" will appear at the bottom of the list of territories.

Including the World Wide territory in an order assumes that the user has worldwide digital distribution rights for the title. If the user does not have worldwide digital distribution rights, then World Wide cannot be included in the order. In this case, deselect the World Wide territory.


When finished, click .

Click here to learn about Step 4 of the order creation process.

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