Creating Multiple Orders for a Title

The first order for a title includes certain retailers and languages. To deliver this same title to more retailers and/or with more languages, a second order will need to be created on the Quiver platform.

First, log into the Quiver platform and click .

Enter the title of the film that will be updated.

The platform will recognize the title and auto-populate all information that was previously entered for the title in the first order.

Click .

Next, select new retailers or any retailers that will need additional language file deliveries. Selected retailers will be included in the new order. Retailers that are grayed out will not be included in the order.

Retailers that were included in a previous order will display the previous order number below the retailers' icons. These retailers can still be included in the new order.



The workflow for the rest of the order placement process will mirror the workflow for the first order, but with some key differences:

1. Step 3: Languages

When adding languages, only enter the new languages to be included in the order. For example, if the 2nd order only includes Polish subtitles, then Polish should be the only language selected.

2. Step 4: Requirements

The required and optional files listed in Step 4 will only include new files that have not been delivered to Quiver for a previous order. There is no need to re-deliver any files that were used for a previous order.

3. Metadata

All of the metadata previously entered for the first order will auto-populate in the second order.

Please Note: There will be additional required fields that are unique to the new retailers and/or languages selected in the new order. We recommend using the time-saver tools to limit the amount of time spent in this section. For more information, click here.


Be sure to check the required field counter at the top of the page to see if there are any additional required fields to complete.

4. Files

Similar to Step 4, the platform will only request uploads or shipping information for files that are unique to the new retailers and/or languages included in the new order. There is no need to re-deliver any files that were used for a previous order.

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