What is Quiver's refund policy?

Payment Submitted, but Metadata/Assets Not Submitted to Quiver

Once a user completes Step 8 of the Order Creation process, the user has 45 days to request a refund. The refund period starts immediately after credit card information has been submitted to Quiver.

During this 45 day period, Quiver will refund the order's total cost, minus a $100 cancellation fee. After 45 days, Quiver will not offer any refunds for any orders.

Payment, Metadata, Assets Submitted to Quiver

Once a user submits metadata and asset files to Quiver by clicking the "Submit to Quiver" button, the user cannot request a refund, even if the order was placed less than 45 days prior.

Please contact Quiver support with any questions regarding refunds.

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