Curated Retailers - Most Common Questions

Question: Is the $150 pitch fee a one-time fee?

Answer: Each pitch request is $150. This fee will be charged for each pitch that is ordered. For example, if you order a Netflix pitch, then Quiver charges a $150 pitch fee. If that pitch is rejected by the curated retailer, and you would like to re-pitch, Quiver will charge an additional $150. 

This pitch fee is non-refundable.
Question: How many times can I pitch my title to a curated retailer?
Answer: There isn't a limit to how times a title can be pitched to a curated retailer. If a curated retailer rejects an initial pitch, or if a contract with a curated retailer ends, Quiver allows you to order additional pitches for that title.
Question: If a curated retailer accepts a film, but I decline the proposed licensing fee, am I responsible for any delivery fees?
Answer: It depends. Quiver charges $150 for the pitch. This amount is non-refundable. Quiver will not charge any additional fees if you decline to deliver your title to a curated retailer after a successful pitch. HOWEVER, please note that if you order a delivery to the curated retailer and decide not to proceed with the delivery, then Quiver will charge for any work done before the cancellation. Click here to learn more about Quiver's cancellation policy.
Question: If I agree to a curated retailer's proposed licensing fee, can I pay any additional Quiver delivery fees after I've been paid by the curated retailer?
Answer: No. Quiver requires all delivery payments upfront.
Question: Who makes the final decision on which titles are accepted by curated retailers?
Answer: Title selection decisions are completely up to the discretion of the curated retailers. Quiver only makes the pitch and isn't involved in the decision-making process.
Question: How often does Quiver pitch titles to curated retailers?

Answer: Pitch submissions are sent monthly to each retailer. All pitch orders submitted to Quiver by the first of the month will be submitted to curated retailers for consideration that month.

Question: How long does it take curated retailers to accept or pass on a title? 

Answer: In most cases, Quiver will receive responses for pitches within 30 days of Quiver submitting the pitch. However, please note that this does not guarantee that Quiver will hear back from every retailer within 30 days. 

Question: What's the time frame from initial pitch to a title being live on a curated retailer's storefront?

Answer:  As a general rule, curated retailers require pitch submissions 90 days prior to the 1st of the desired live month. For example, if a title's intended live date is in October, then Quiver will need a completed pitch order submitted by July 1st.

Once a curated retailer accepts a title, Quiver requires all metadata and workable assets for that title 60 days prior to the the desired live date. For more information about creating a second order after a successful pitch, click here.

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