Before completing an order, all files selected in Creating an Order: Step 4 need to be either uploaded to the platform or shipped to Quiver. Each order can include both uploaded and shipped files.

Please Note: Orders that only include pitches for Curated Retailers do not require any files. This section of the order placement process can be skipped in these cases.

To access the Files section of an order, go to the platform's homepage and click  on the order's dashboard.

Please Note: The Files section can also be accessed immediately after completing Creating an Order.


There are two sections on the Files page: Asset Upload and Quiver to Create.

1. Asset Upload

All files that need to be sent to Quiver are listed in the Asset Upload section of the page. It is your responsibility to either upload or ship all of these files to Quiver.

2. Quiver to Create

If Create This For Me was selected for any file in Creating an Order: Step 4, the file(s) will be listed in the Quiver to Create section of the page. This is just a record of which files Quiver will be creating.

For more information about uploading files, click here.

For more information about shipping files, click here.

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